Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1920's Black and White Party

My hubby turned 30 this year and so I decided to throw him a 1920's Black and White party to say goodbye to his 20's.It was so much fun finding things for this party. I was going between having a vintage feel or just doing black and white and finally decided on the latter, just so it'd be easier to get people to dress up.

For decorations, I did all black and white. I made black and white tissue flower pompoms using this tutorial from Martha Stewart Weddings. I hung them up around the apartment. To get in the 20's vibe, I also rented a Charlie Chaplin silent movie to project onto the wall and had jazz music playing.

I really wanted to have a "photo booth" for the party since everyone was dressing up. So I just made a curtain out of some cloth and strung it between my hallway. I bought some fun props too. You can find other fun ways (and some more hi tech ways) to set up a photo booth here. But I think the photo booth was a huge hit with everyone.

For the food table I made a fabric backdrop and then used a black table cloth with a white table skirt. I then embellished with white food trays. For the dessert table I made a serving dish from a mirror and glass vases and used glass cake stands to arrange the rest of the desserts on.

For the appetizers I wanted to do a modern take on 1920's food. Everything I looked up for this just said Italian food, so I did Italian appetizers: prociutto wrapped melon balls, mushroom and cheese crostinis, mozzarella and basil stuffed tomatoes, salmon lox, and chicken Parmesan meatballs. I made them small since we also had a dessert bar.
 Sorry, this was the only picture taken of the food... they went fast

For the dessert bar, I made all of the food black and white. The dessert bar consisted of white cupcakes filled with raspberry buttercream and frosted with white chocolate cream cheese whipped cream, rum chocolate and pineapple buttercream chocolate cupcakes, and brownies pops dips in powdered sugar.

 We also had a "Prohibition Bar." I even hired a bartender for the night to make the 'mocktails'. It was so much fun. I ritzed up the martini glasses with little black ribbon tied into bows. I also made up names for the drinks using 20's slang phrases. Guests were able to order their drinks: straight up, neat or on the rocks. Jed really went all out and took control of the "bar". He even made up his own signature drink for the night.

Dip the Bill: Have a Drink

Everyone had fun and it was a fun night just to dress up. We did have a costume contest and everyone was able to strut their stuff down the catwalk. That was one of the best things... everyone has some great catwalks!

This was a really fun night and a great way to say goodbye to Jed's 20's

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