Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Ruffled Draped Dress

Sorry, this one isn't going to have a tutorial to go with it. I made this one up by myself. Everything that I did to make this dress was a first time for me. It was an almost epic fail of a dress, and sadly I still think that it might be a one time wear dress for Chloe. I also would recommend that if you try to make this dress, don't use the fabric I used for the ruffles. It frays way too much! I think there's some spray on stuff that's like Fray Check so your fabric doesn't fray, and I would definitely recommend it for this dress.

Like I mentioned before, I don't have a tutorial how to make this dress, but I'm still showing the dress here, so I can try to explain the technique of the ruffles, because I couldn't find it anywhere on the web. With that said, if anyone does find a tutorial for this, I'd love to have it.

The dress I made like every other dress, except I made a casing for the top and sewed the bottom to it. I wanted to have the sheer fabric on the entire dress and I also wanted to throw in some flowers in the top. You can check out some of the other dress tutorials if you need instructions on how to put the dress together.

For the ruffles, I cut out a 6" circle and cut a smaller 3" circle inside the big one.
 Then I cut the circle , so I can lay it out straight. Then I sewed the ruffles onto the base of the dress.
Here's the final product:
On her, it looks like a cross of a fairy and Barbie dress, not my intention, but it works :)

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