Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Best Brownies

It all started with the raspberries. A few days after moving, we found this little farm off the side of the road with the most beautiful and gigantic raspberries. We found it by accident and so we have no idea where to find it again. :( As soon as we tasted the ripe, plump, sweet and juicy raspberries, I immediately thought of this brownie recipe that I had seen on Desserts for Breakfast's blog. I've been wanting to make them for awhile but hadn't had the opportunity. This just seemed like the perfect welcome after our move.

I actually made these brownies a month ago and I still think about them. This is by far the best homemade brownie recipe that I have tried. They are just so gooey and rich and so satisfying. It was hard not to eat the entire pan by myself (I mean it would've be rude not to share or at least it'd make me look like a pig since it's a 9x13" pan). And the best thing about this brownie is that its dark chocolate. When you're craving something super chocolaty and something so delicious that will keep you content for hours after you eat it, this is what you need to make!


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  1. Utah raspberries are seriously the best! I always looked forward to them in the summer....enjoy!