Friday, October 7, 2011

Guest Blogger: Cute Halloween Art with Alanna

Hi, Everyone! Today is the first Friday of the month and I'm still keeping up with my guest blogger Friday. Today's guest blogger is my friend, Alanna. She is always doing some sort of cute craft or project so I knew she would have something cute for Halloween. I hope you all enjoy this craft. I know I'm going to :)

Hello All,

I'm Alanna and stay at home mom of 2 oh-so-cute kids one boy and one girl. I enjoy doing crafts, reading, and playing outside. I dislike doing dishes, cleaning off the desk, and making dinner every night (seriously how often do we really need to eat?)

I am happy to be here on Joyous Love creations.

To help welcome Fall and October I have a Halloween craft. I originally saw the idea on

Where she did a button egg for Easter.

I also saw another style made out of fabric. I loved the 3D look of the buttons but I loved the patterns of the fabric. I also had a hard time finding enough buttons of the same color and since I am too impatient to wait and order I decided I would use both fabric and buttons. I think they turned out pretty good.

Materials needed:
Buttons in color of your choosing
Fabric of your choosing. I like to have 3-4 different patterns in addition to the buttons. I bought those dollar squares at Walmart you need very very little of each fabric pattern.
Elmer glue (auntielolo used super glue but I couldn't be mine to stick with it).
Paint for frames
Thread of matching color.

  1. Choose the shape you want to make. Then search Google for an outline of the image.
  2. Cut burlap to the size you need to fit in your frame. About an inch bigger than the back piece that pops out when you insert your picture.
  3. Place image on burlap and trace it with pen.
  4. Cut fabric into small circles. The largest circle was about a quarter sized.
  5. Fill in the shape with your buttons and fabric circles
  6. Use the Elmers glue to secure the buttons and fabric to the burlap. Make sure you put a piece of paper under the burlap so the glue doesn't ooze through onto something nice.
  7. Once dry use the thread to sew on each button and fabric circle
  8. Remove glass from frame and paint the frame the color of your choosing. Let Dry.
  9. Insert button image and use frame back to secure. Hang picture

Some other ideas:
For Thanksgiving: an acorn or a turkey I can't decide if I would do a fabric body and all button feathers or the other way around.
For Christmas I may try a Tree, Star and Snowman combo
If you do not like the burlap look you can try another stiff fabric or use another fabric with a light interfacing ironed on the back. I think a blue fabric with snow flakes would be cute to use behind the snowman.

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