Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tree Inspirations

The first Saturday of December, I took the kids along with my sister in law and her kids to the Festival of Trees in SLC. They have such amazing Christmas trees! They're all decorated and sold and the proceeds to go the Shriner's Children's Hospital. It's amazing to see the creativity and how beautiful these trees were. They also had wreaths, quilts and gingerbread houses. Seriously, these people have skill! It also was so touching to see who or why they were donated for.

I thought I would post some pictures in case anyone wanted some inspiration.

 (Chloe's favorite)

 (one of Elijah's favorite)

(I love polar bears!)

(this is a cute theme: What Little Boys Are Made Of)

(another of Elijah's favorites)

Gingerbread houses:

 the next three are all part of the same one, it rotated, it's for all the children around the world

(points for you if you know what this one is without looking at the tag)



(this could be cute for spring too)

And one quilt:
(Elijah wants me to make him this one)

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  1. Aw, you're so lucky you have places like that to go so. That's so sweet. Back in Hawai'i we have something similar in City Hall. I don't think there's anything here though and I feel like there's something missing from my Christmas holiday. It's always nice to see others giving and to be able to view all the creative projects.