Thursday, February 2, 2012

Create a Date!

Hello all!  My name is Ashley and I am from Privilege Days, a blog that assists families with date ideas so that you'll never wonder where to go or what to do, when you want to spend time with your family.  I started this blog because family time is quite the privilege in my home, what with my husband's night shifts at work and his school schedule on his days off.  I decided to make a resolution to prioritize family dates so that we can get that quality one-on-one time to enrich our family and see how everyone is doing.  We call these dates our 'PRIVILEGE DAYS'.

We hold our Privilege Day dates four times a month, usually on a Friday or Saturday.  Since it's almost the weekend, I'm going to share with you a few date ideas that you can do with just you and your spouse, you and your children, and as an entire family....  {continue reading!}

Mr. & Mrs- Picnic
The first Privilege Day date is called a "Mr. & Mrs.", being just for the two of you- no kids!  It's important to see how your spouse is doing without any distractions from the kids.     
A picnic is a great way to spend a date with your better half.  You can make it as fancy or laid back as you want.  The minimum things you need to purchase are food.
This is a great Privilege Day to do when you don't have a babysitter.  You can easily go into your cozy back or front yard before your child(ren) awake and share scones, biscuits, doughnuts, croissants, cinnamon rolls, pastries, yogurt, granola, fresh fruit and drinks such as milk, hot cocoa, herbal tea or whatever you feel like enjoying!
 Now if you are able to find a babysitter, start planning your picnic by choosing a location.  You can go to the park, lake, river, mountain, downtown, or even a farmers market.  Bring a blanket to cuddle on and a picnic basket to carry your food.  For lunch options try fine quality cheese, fresh baked bread, crackers, your local honey, cured or hot meats, vegetables with dip, fresh fruits, pie and drinks such as lemonade, apple juice, water, or even sparkling cider.  You can easily purchase all of these in your neighborhood grocery store {such as Bel Air} or at a local farmer's market.  
For a more romantic picnic, bring candles {and lighters!}, flowers, a wireless device with romantic songs, an extra blanket to warm your shoulders, and gourmet chocolates of course! 
Double Date- Cupcakes & Fro Yo 
A Double Date is when you are going a date with your child(ren) of one sex, while your spouse is going out with your other child(ren).  So it may be a daddy-daughter date & a mother son date one weekend, then a mother-daughter date & a father son date the next.  Essentially there are two separate dates happening at the same time.  *I think it's important to separate your children by gender that way they may feel comfortable opening up about 'private' thoughts, especially when they reach their preteen years.  
Cupcakes are a delicious treat that is quite affordable, and in just the right portion sizes.  There are many bakeries that specialize in cupcakes, offering delicious and fresh cakes.  You can find a cupcake shop in most 'downtown' areas.  This is a great Privilege Day for modest budgets and for any aged individual!
 Frozen Yogurt, or 'fro yo' is a yummy way to spend a Double Date.  Many shops offer a variety of toppings such as fresh fruit, waffles, granola, and chocolate and many flavors, at under $5.00 a serving.  Depending on where you go it may also be very healthy dessert option.  One particular spot I enjoy is a shop called Pinkberry.  They have many locations and may be near you!
Family Date- Drive Inn 
The last date that we do is a Family Date, one for the whole family to share together!
Taking your whole family to the Drive Inn can be lots of fun!  Movies are generally half priced and you can bring your own snacks cutting the cost of expensive concession stands.  Sometimes they show a double feature- meaning two movies for the price of one!  I really recommend trying this out, coming from Hawai'i, they had a 'movie on the beach' and we would cuddle up on blankets right by the ocean- it was one of my favorite family memories.  We would eat, swim, and as soon as it was dark we'd watch a movie! 
Now, if you don't have a drive inn near you, you can rent a projector {or borrow} and hold your own little mock drive inn in your back yard.  Just make your own refreshments, lay out blankets and mats, choose a few age appropriate movies, and enjoy the night under the stars!  *Of course, if you don't have a projector or drive inn and you don't want to stay home you can always opt to going to a movie theatre.

What ever dates you choose to do, I suggest going at least once a week.  It a great way to encourage conversation from your children and it gives you the opportunity to have one-on-one quality time to communicate.  As you can see from the examples above, there's so many low budget options, you just need to dedicate the time to go.  For more ideas please visit my blog, PRIVILEGE DAYS!

 Thanks for reading!

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